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replica Rolex Origin Hans Wilsdorf & Davis
Rolex Origin Hans Wilsdorf & Davis replica

Rolex’s original logo was “Hans Wilsdorf & Davis”. Because Hans Wilsdorf and Davis founded the company together in 1905. And this company is in London, UK. Hans Wilsdorf is German and Alfred Davis is British. The name was changed to “Rolex” in 1915. And Rolex replica started by buying the best parts and selling assembled watches. The name “Rolex” does not come from a word in any country. So some people guess that “Rolex” is derived from the fine clockwork in French (“hoROLogical excellence”). Then, replica Rolex slowly transformed into a homegrown company.

Behind Rolex Is A Charity

replica Rolex Hans Wilsdorf Foundation

Fourteen years later, Rolex determined that only Switzerland had the best watch parts. So Rolex moved to Geneva headquarters in 1919. In 1944, Hans founded the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation on top of the company. Hans then transferred the ownership shares of Rolex to the foundation. This foundation is also called charity. This agency has been helping Rolex’s original partners and their descendants. So Rolex replica is not owned by some people, but by a charity.

Rolex Watches Are Entirely Made In-house

replica Rolex factory In Geneva

All parts of Rolex watches are indeed produced by Rolex. Only the raw materials are purchased, and the remaining raw materials are processed, assembled, and designed by Rolex itself. Rolex is so good because Rolex has been acquiring good manufacturing companies in the past.

Rolex’s acquisition plan officially began in 1992. Genex is one of the earliest companies acquired by Rolex and is one of the largest watch case manufacturers. In 1998, bracelet maker Gay Frères was acquired by Rolex. Two years later, dial maker Beyeler was also added to Rolex. We sell high-quality replica watches, including AAA Swiss replicas, all from Hont watch, you can see the best quality online.

The most important movement manufacturer is Aegler. Strictly speaking, on March 26, 2004, Rolex officially took over control of Aegler. But since the late 1930s, Aegler and Rolex have reached an agreement. Rolex cannot buy the movement from another manufacturer, and Aegler cannot sell it to another watch brand. The manufacturers acquired by Rolex all have state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. As more and more companies were acquired, Rolex replica had 25 production sites at the time. Of course, in order to improve production efficiency, all talents and processes were integrated into three large factories. So the watch produced by Rolex is definitely one of the most exquisite watches in the world.

A Rolex Watch, A Purpose

Rolex replica In 1910

Let me first state that every watch of Rolex fake is handmade. Parts are also individually tested. The dive meter is tested separately in a pressure tank.

The world’s first Rolex with COSC certification. With the help of Aegler, Rolex successfully manufactured the first watch certified by COSC in 1910.

Oyster, the first waterproof watch. The Rolex Oyster of 1926 not only protected against standing water but also from dust and moisture.

The first Oyster Perpetual with a permanent magnet. In 1931, Rolex became the first brand to introduce a perpetual motion automatic winding mechanism on a watch.

The first Datejust that can change the date automatically. In 1945, the rectangular date window at Rolex’s three o’clock automatically updated the date at midnight.

1953, The first Submariner with only 100M water resistance.
1954, The first can only display GMT-Master in two time zones.
1956, The first can only display Day-Date, the full name of the week.
1985, First Rolex Watches using expensive 904L stainless steel.

After writing so many things about Rolex replica, do you respect the Rolex brand more? Rolex has stepped down to the present step by step, and now Rolex has the highest resale value. So Rolex has been collected by more people.

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